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Lord's Harvest International


Russian law prevents church groups that were not registered with the government in the past from conducting religious activities now.  This does not prevent Christians from informally sharing their faith.  Literature has been translated into the Russian language and informal work is underway.


Our work in India dates back to 1912 when Charles Vedantachari attended the Minnesota State Conference and was ordained as a minister of the Gospel at Eden Valley.  A tremendous number of people have heard the Gospel down through the years and there are two thriving congregations in Bangalore today.  S. S. Manoah who led the work for many years has retired.  Two new pastors are serving our congregations.  Pastor Noel passed away in January of 2006.


In early 2009 we were contacted by some pastors in Pakistan about being affiliated with the Church of God General Conference. They had become aware of our organization through various websites. They have held similar beliefs to the Church of God and in fact were using a book by Anthony Buzzard translated into Urdu and the English edition of the Systematic Theology book by Dr. Alva Huffer. There are currently eight congregations that have been accepted into membership in the Church of God General Conference. There are other pastors and churches that are also in touch with us who may wish to join our Conference. An advisory committee consisting of Anthony Buzzard, Stephen Cook, and David Krogh will work with the leaders in Pakistan to advance the cause of the Kingdom.