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Lord's Harvest International


“The history of the Church of God in Canada has always been closely associated and connected with the work in the United States as ministers and evangelists worked on both sides of the international border”—Clyde Randall (in Historical Waymarks).

In the mid 1800s, several congregations were formed in Ontario which was known as Canada West at the time.  A congregation was formed in Fonthill in 1846 through the work of Ralph Vinton Lyon and others who traveled to Canada from New York.  The Church at Fonthill, Glad Tidings Church of God, continues to thrive in the Niagara area with Michael Brown as pastor.  Members of this congregation have served on various Boards and Committees of the Church of God General Conference.  The church is very supportive of mission efforts around the world.

In 1957, a church was established in the Province of Nova Scotia.  This work continued for more than 25 years.

A group was formed and met in Peterborough, Ontario for a few years.

In 1998, a congregation, Freedom in Christ Ministries, was organized in Welland. This congregation is pastored by Stephen and Joyce Bolhous.


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Several years ago the country went through considerable turmoil when the President was driven from office, and then the country was hit with massive flooding.  This has created an unstable situation which makes it difficult to send mission teams at the present time.  Several teams have visited in the past.

There are over 25 churches under the supervision of Pastor Lesly Bertrand.  These churches have not officially joined our Conference, but Lesly and the pastors believe the same Bible truths that we believe.  Pastor Lesly is a dedicated worker.  In addition to the churches, he also oversees several orphanages.


In North America, Church of God work in Mexico began in 1961 when Roberto Badillo traveled as a migrant worker to Blanchard, MI.  When he returned home, he carried a Bible to his village of 1200 people, and his was the only Bible in that whole village.  Since that time, hundreds of people have been taught through the ministry of Roberto and Lupe Badillo, Dean Moore, Rachel Carr, Alice Aldrich, and teams that have gone from the states to conduct an annual Vacation Bible School.  Roberto Badillo passed away in August 2006.