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Lord's Harvest International

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 The mission arm of the General Conference is known as Lord's Harvest International. lhi africa


International mission work was started in the Church of God in 1912.  Since that time, many mission projects have been promoted in many countries.  These projects have been direct

In 1993, LHI, the Lord’s Harvest International, a Mission sending agency was created by the delegates assembled at the 73rdannual General Conference at Lafayette, Indiana.  Since then, the membership of the Church of God has demonstrated renewed commitment and support for the work of spreading the Gospel around the world.  Our churches and members have generously responded with prayer and financial support whenever we have made a need known.  Over $50,000 was raised for famine relief in Africa in 2003 and 2004.  More than 55 children are being supported in Haiti.  Contributions are given every year for mission trips to many fields.  The general giving to the budget of the General Conference helps to cover the part time salary for Judy Myers, the chairperson of LHI and to enable the Mission Board to carry out its work.ed by various organizations within the General Conference including the National Missionary Society, the Department of Evangelism and Missions, and later by a Foreign Mission Board.

We are currently working directly in 7 countries on four continents - North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

We want you to know you can contribute to mission ministry with confidence your gifts will directly assist the mission projects you support.  100% of all contributions to specific projects are directly used to assist the project.  On a typical mission trip, 90% of the contributions provided to each participant are used to cover their trip costs, and 10% of the contributions are used to cover administrative expenses.


The LHI Boad comes along side national leaders by providing teaching conferences when possible and by providing learning materials. We provide our membership with information about the various fields that have been accepted into our fellowship and encourage prayer for each field and its leaders. The LHI Board does not provide salaries for national leaders.

The purpose of the Lord’s Harvest International Mission Board as listed in the approved Handbook is as follows:

  1. To become a trained professional sending agency by understand mission science, by understanding culture and by understanding world politics.
  2. To establish a training program for missionaries.
  3. To send trained missionaries to develop and establish mission fields.
  4. To carry out the responsibilities as described in the Philosophy Statement of the Church of God General Conference. These responsibilities are: 
    • Advise the President of the Church of God General Conference on matters relating to foreign missions.
    • Brainstorm and plan
    • Provide mission education and awareness for the local church
    • Do any necessary research in order to broaden our awareness of other cultures.